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Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Community Outreach Forum! This forum should be used to make the community aware of Sandusky area residents that need the support of the community. No issue is to large or to small to post here; from fundraisers for people and families in need to someone you would simply like to be in the hearts and minds of the community in their time of need.

While we like to believe that everyone comes to this forum with the best intentions, it is important to remember a few rules when posting information:

1. If you are making an announcment on behalf of a person or family in need, make sure to obtain that person (or familiy's) permission before revealing any details of their situation. You may know someone who desperately needs to raise money for a surgery; however, they may not wish for the 'whole world' to know about their plight. While Sandusky Spotlight is primarily a local forum, search engines have a way of making even the smallest post something that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere on the internet.

2. Do not post private personal information such as home address or phone numbers within posts. Please use the personal contact form, and direct others to contact you through the personal contact form if you wish to exchange personal information. You may post addresses for advertised events such as fundraisers etc held in public locations.

3. Use common sense, you may be well intentioned in posting that your elderly neighbor just had her hip replaced and is unable to get out of bed to get groceries or maintain her lawn; however, if you post her personal information you may unwittingly be giving that information to someone who would take advantage of the situation or worse.

As this is a new forum, some latitude will be given in regards to these rules; however habitual offenders will be banned if they consistantly violate these guidelines.