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1. This sounds like a great deal this year; but what about next year? Will the price go up?

With any business directory of this type, the more populated the site, the more valuable the “real estate” becomes; however, at Sandusky Spotlight we recognize the value of those who supported us during our introductory phase, and reward customer loyalty. With that in mind, we will continue to honor this introductory rate for as long as you continue to advertise with us.

2. What happens if the site goes down or Sandusky Spotlight goes out of business? Do I get my money back?

Sandusky Spotlight’s website has been operational since 2009 and during that time has never been down for greater than 12 hours. On the rare occasions when it’s ‘uptime’ was briefly interrupted, it was quickly restored and no data was lost. These were both occasions where heavy storms brought most internet access to a halt for large sections of the country. In the event that Sandusky Spotlight suffers an outage greater than 24 hours, that day would be credited to your account. If any event occurs preventing Sandusky Spotlight from hosting your advertisement or webpage, you will receive a prorated refund based on the monthly cost for your package applied to any unfulfilled months.

3. Why would people on the internet come to Sandusky Spotlight’s website as opposed to the competitor’s websites?

Sandusky Spotlight has begun a campaign designed to ensure that it is a regular destination for Sandusky area residents. We are running stories and business reviews on local events and activities, host free web pages and event promotion for local charities, schools, and non profit organizations, and focus exclusively on promoting the positive things Sandusky has to offer. Those steps alone have greatly increased the local readership; however, the local residents comprise only a portion of the audience Sandusky businesses want to reach.

Tourist revenue comprises a substantial portion of many Sandusky businesses yearly income, and tourists aren’t going to know to go to Sandusky Spotlight, or any other area business directories, nor are people moving into the area. Those people will hit Google (or any major search engine) and type in “Deli Sandusky Ohio” or whatever they are looking for, and that is where Sandusky Spotlight excels! Try searching any of the following phrases in any major search engine: “Krunchie Pickle Deli”, “Canfield-Hartley Refuse Service”, “deli Sandusky Ohio” or even vague terms such as “pepperoni Sandusky Ohio”, “Swiss Sandusky Ohio”, or “chicken bacon ranch Sandusky Ohio”. Even businesses that have well established pages can benefit as Sandusky Spotlight listings usually immediately follow the main site listing in search results as you can see when searching: “Home PC Patrol Sandusky Ohio”, “Del Thatcher Insurance Sandusky Ohio”. All of these queries and many more result in top search engine listings, and Sandusky Spotlight has only promoting those listings for a few months. Many websites devote thousands of dollars and wait months upon months to garner results such as those.

4. On the “Packages and Pricing” page it says that I can change the message on my Unlimited Listing Showcase Advertisement; how often can it be changed?

You can create a custom message for your Showcase Advertisement that is featured prominently on the front page of Sandusky Spotlight. Sandusky Spotlight allows you to change that message to reflect whatever special events, promotions, or general information you would like to highlight at no additional charge. You may change the message a maximum of once per week. The message description must be less than 330 characters, and only the message can be changed. If you would like the showcase advertisement to feature a variety of different images, you will need to purchase additional showcase advertisements. You must provide Sandusky Spotlight with 48 hours notice for any description changes you would like to have made.

5. All of the websites shown in this literature seem to have a similar design, will mine be unique?

All of the hosted websites do in fact have a similar design, for several reasons. First, the design has been painstakingly engineered to degrade nicely to smart phones, netbooks, and ipads. They do not include flash content that cannot be viewed on iphones and ipads. They do not include extremely high graphic content that would take a long time to load over a 4G connection. They all dynamically resize to fit whatever size browser is viewing the webpage, and are optimized for all major browser platforms including: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. In this age where a very large portion of the populace rely heavily on searches and site lookups from their smart phones and ipads, we felt we should not exclude this large demographic by designing sites that did not degrade to their platform well. Remember, if the site takes more than a minute to load, they won’t wait!

With that in mind, you can still have a beautiful, unique website. Sandusky Spotlight can work with you to develop a unique color palate using nearly any color combination imaginable. We can also design custom graphics for you or utilize any existing graphics you have previously created. All of these options allow us to create a site for you that is both unique and visually appealing! You can check out some of the current designs for our layout at: www.villacollectionsdesign.com, www.homepcpatrol.com, www.warnerpowerlifting.com, www.kiddiekollegeohio.com, www.canfield-hartley.sanduskyspotlight.com, and www.thekrunchiepickle.sanduskyspotlight.com.

6. Are there any additional charges for my website such as yearly hosting fees or domain registration that traditionally compounds the expense of other websites?

Typically, a quality hosting package and domain registration for a website costs between $150 and $250 and the unfortunate reality is that the ‘cheaper’ the hosting package, the poorer your site will perform. With our website packages, you will be hosted by Sandusky Spotlight, and given a sub domain address on www.sanduskyspotlight.com, eliminating the need for costly hosting packages or domain registrations. In some instances, if you already own a domain name, we can utilize that domain name in your listing; however, it may include an additional charge.

7. I would like to change information on my website or listing, is there an additional charge?

Sandusky Spotlight Advanced and Unlimited listings are extremely easy to change. Simply log in and update your information as needed. If you are having difficulty, just contact us and we will make infrequent changes for you at no extra charge. Spotlight web sites can also be easily updated and changing content or adding images is as simple as sending an email to a friend. Not only do get all the listed features with your website; we train you how to use it as well. Want to upload a new photo? It’s as simple as selecting the image from your PC and pressing the “Upload Image” button; all of the formatting and underlying code will be performed for you! Changing a menu item, or even creating new ones is just as simple. No matter what you want to change, Sandusky Spotlight will show you how to make those changes and assist you in the process; and of course, if you are having difficulty, just contact us and we will make infrequent changes for you at no charge.

8. Why would I want to purchase additional showcase advertisements?

Additional showcase advertisements allow you to feature multiple aspects of your business, each with separate artwork and messages. For instance, one showcase advertisement may focus on your general information while another may focus on sales and specials. With a single showcase advertisement you can configure the message on a single image to meet your weekly needs; however, additional advertisements increase your visibility, and also populate into search engines more densely than single listings.

The above are some of the most common questions; however, if you have any additional questions or would like more information you may call us directly at (419) 202 -5982 or email us.