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Advanced Business Listing

Some companies feel that getting your business listed in a few categories and the name bolded is a “GOOD” deal. To be fair, they include a description of your business, keywords, and boosted search engine placement. They offer this for $468 per year. If you are willing to pay $1068 per year, they will make it “BETTER” by placing your listing in a highlighted box at the top of your selected categories.

Sometimes, “GOOD” isn’t good enough!

Sandusky Spotlight recognizes that the most important thing for businesses these days is value; and that is something we provide above all others. To do that, we had to take others definition of ‘good’ and greatly improve upon it.

Sandusky Spotlight’s entry level package highlights your business so that it floats to the top of each pages in it’s chosen categories, so that when people search for businesses, they see yours first. We include a full description of your business, the hours it is open, a link to your homepage, multiple category listings, category keywords, and allow you to upload 4 images. In addition to all of that, listing your business with Sandusky Spotlight will boost your search engine presence and overall internet name recognition for your business. Are you ready for the truly great news?

It will only cost you $200 per year!
Now, isn’t that “BETTER” ?